Our History

Our founder, Mr. Ali Cuneyd Kiliccote, has taken the foundations of Etisan Enerji at the beginning of 1970 with projects of energy transmission lines and substation.

In 1975, he founded Etisan Enerji Limited to establish a legal personality. “Hometown electrification” projects started in the ‘ 70s, the energy transmission lines of the state affiliates such as Mines and factories have been successfully completed. Also rural electrical network projects have been carried out for more than a decade by Etisan.

The construction of these projects was very difficult and arduous job at that time. It was also carried out by foreign firms because of the fact that it requires serious technical knowledge and qualified labor, Turkish firms usually only did labor. Etisan Enerji has gained encouragement and appreciation by completing these projects with rational solutions, domestic manufacturing and domestic engineering services.

From the very beginning of its foundation, engineers, technicians, the management and the workers all worked together side by side. This form of governance has established the intimate, collaborative and inclusive policies of Etisan Enerji.

In the first years, Etisan has been making important projects to state institutions such as Petkim, Etibank, Turkish Electricity Authority, Iller Bankası and Sugar Institute Nowadays, we work with many giant companies of the world and Turkey in energy and other sectors.