Power Transmission Lines

Etisan provides construction services for turnkey power transmission line facilities at medium and high voltage.

We can connect your facilities to the distribution and/or transmission system with sterlin and concrete overhead lines, and underground cables

We integrate renewable wind, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric power plants or thermal, natural gas, solid fuel, biomass power plants into electricity transmission or distribution networks. .

We integrate your electricity-consuming organized industrial zones, Factories, Mines, Treatment, etc. facilities to distribution and transmission Networks by carrying out all necessary technical, legal and financial studies starting with power needs analysis.

To date, we have built thousands of kilometers of power transmission lines for hundreds of customers. We are one of the leading companies in Turkey among the Energy Transmission line companies.

We are the company with the largest business completion certificates in Turkey, authorized and certified by the Ministry of Energy, Turkish Electricity Transmission Corporation (TEIAS) and Turkish Electricity Distribution Inc. (TEDAS).

You can work with us in many ways. In accordance with your company’s needs, we can work with you as turnkey engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), or as procurement and construction if you have a project.

Please send us a message without hesitation to discuss how we can help you with your project. etisan@etisanenerji.com to reach us

Below are our products and services related to Energy Transmission Lines.

Energy Transmission Line Construction and Operation Services

We are committed to performing with turnkey contract, including Design, Engineering, Design, Procurement, Construction and Implementation works for your Energy Transmission line projects.

In addition to construction, we are also with you on connection agreements, approval of projects, expropriation, permits.

We can deliver your projects in full and on time at the most economical price by working with the experts in our staff at all stages.

These are the services we provide for the connections that your facilities that produce or consume electricity to the transmission and distribution networks. We prepare and implement projects for connectivity in accordance with economic and future improvements. You can receive offers and support from us for your facilities at every stage, from receiving connection pekmiştim to temporary acceptance and operation.

Transmission line displacements and relocations are jobs that require expertise and planning. We have considerable experience and knowledge because we have done hundreds of displacements to date.

Distribution and Transmission companies take care to maintain the existing structure and do not take kindly to displace or relocate. Legal and technical planning is very important for future problems. In addition, in cases where energy downtime cannot exceed certain periods by law, a large team and very good planning should be worked with very limited time.

Etisan energy carries out displacement projects using the power of personnel and machinery park in very short periods of time. Our customers have not experienced any legal sanctions or wasteof time in displacement and relocation projects we have done so far. You can contact us at any time to get more information.

Energy transmission lines are structures with economic lifespan. Construction technique and quality, geography and environmental impacts, storms and disasters or operating as a result of their life span may be reduced, they may suffer failure and destruction.

Etisan energy performs maintenance repairs by analyzing existing power transmission lines in every detail and ensures that it operates without fault.

Line inspection, measurement and maintenance are jobs that require experience and knowledge. Sometimes the smallest part can cause the biggest malfunctions, and power outages due to the failure can inconvenience businesses at significant costs.

Although lines and connections have been transferred to transmission and distribution companies, the intervention periods specified in the transfer agreements do not cover the losses of most businesses. Therefore, planned maintenance services are an activity that must be taken or carried out by the facilities that continuously produce or consume electrical energy.

For further information, please contact us. We can prepare a preliminary review for you without demanding fees and contracts.